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Duxback Windscreen Treatment


No More Wipers

When driving over 40mph, rain water will be blown straight off the glass.

No more Ice

In winter, ice will either not stick to the glass or will be much easier to remove.

Lasts 6 Months

Duxback lasts 6 months on the front windscreen before it needs to be applied.

TUV Approved

The only product on the market to be TUV tested and approved.

Easy Application

The box includes everything you need to apply Duxback. Simple and easy and long lasting.

Free Shipping

Buy direct from the home of Duxback and all shipping is included.

No More Wipers!

Driving at night in the pouring rain can be hard work and sometimes dangerous.

Originally developed for the airline industry by Boeing and now available for car windscreens, Duxback creates a ‘hydrophobic’ effect on the glass causing water to bead and dramatically improving visibility in the rain.

In fact, if you are driving over 40mph, you won’t even need wipers – the water runs straight off making a clearer, cleaner, and safer drive.

Amazing stuff wipes the floor with RainX. It takes a little longer to apply but very impressed as not had to stand and remove all the ice off my windscreen. Will be buying more ready for next year.


No More Ice!

We have all woken up on a cold winter’s morning and had to scrape ice from the car windscreen before setting off on our journey.

With our Duxback unique ‘hydrophobic’ effect, as well as causing water to bead of the glass, ice is less likely to bond with the glass which makes ice removal much easier.

So when everybody else on your street is scraping away, with Duxback, one wipe and your screen is perfect.

Not difficult to apply and managed to do two cars with it. Woke up this morning to most cars having ice on the windscreen, but I only had a bit of dew.


Lasts 6 Months

Unlike other glass treatments available, our unique Duxback formulation lasts an amazing 6 months on the front windscreen and 12 months on the side glass before it needs to be re-applied.

In fact, most water repellents last only days, but once applied our product continues to work for months saving you time and money.

Duxback is also the only product that is fully TUV tested and approved by the largest independent testing and assessment organization in the world.

If the TÜV says it works. It works.

Apply Duxback
And Make Every Journey Safer.

Duxback Windscreen Treatment

Welcome to no Wipers

Duxback Windscreen Treatment One Car Kit

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