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Amazing stuff - wipes the floor with RainX. It takes a little longer to apply and it stinks so wear a mask but very impressed as not had to stand and remove all the ice off my windscreen. Will be buying more ready for next year.

CharlotteDuxback Windscreen Customer

Pay close attention to the instructions - it’s easy to have to repeat because of not reading carefully. However, that said - follow the instructions and with little effort the end result is like a new headlight – amazing.

PaulDuxback Headlight Restoration Customer

I recently had my windscreen treated with Duxback and I am very impressed. I would recommend the product to anyone. In fact, I think it should be applied to all new cars as a safety measure.

MikeDuxback Windscreen Treatment Customer

The product was easy to apply. It didn't require much preparation other than the headlight being clean. All the items needed were within the pack and the headlight 'cleaned' very quickly .... I hope it continues to be so !!!!

PaulDuxback Headlight Restoration Customer

Brilliant stuff. I got told about this about 5yrs ago and have been using ever since. Just used on windscreen, side fronts and rear. But windscreen gets full benefits. Saves wear on wiper blades too.

DaveDuxback Windscreen Treatment Customer

Not difficult to apply and managed to do two cars with it. Woke up this morning to most cars having ice on the windscreen, but I only had a bit of dew.

DazzaDuxback Windscreen Treatment Customer

Duxback Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Duxback windscreen treatment last?

A Duxback treatment maintains its repellent and weather resistant qualities for up to six months on the windscreen and 12 months on the side windows.

Does Duxback stop ice and frost?

In the colder winter months, a Duxback treatment will prevent ice from sticking to the windows, reducing a build-up of frost and making it much easier to remove.

Does using a car wash effect a Duxback treatment?

No. Washing your car will not affect a Duxback glass treatment.

Does Duxback make it easier to remove splattered bugs?

Absolutely. Just like the removal of ice on the windscreen in winter.

What wears a Duxback treatment of the glass?

Dirt and dust in the air effects the treatment over time. Try driving without a windscreen!

Are all wiper blades compatible with Duxback?

Yes, although we recommend Silicone blades which enhance the Duxback performance and provide smoother and quieter movement.

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