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Duxback Headlight Restoration


MOT Failure

Get an MOT failure corrected in minutes with our restoration kit.

Restore Clarity

Perfect for cloudy, scratched, oxidized and yellowed headlights.

Easy to Apply

Restore headlights back to new in minutes with our easy application.

No Power Tools Needed

Unlike many of our competitors, our solution requires no power tools.

Multi Applications

Everything is included in the box for multi applications.

Free Shipping

Buy direct from the home of Duxback and all shipping is included.

Follow the instructions and with little effort the end result is like a new headlight – amazing.

Before Treatment

If your headlights are showing their age and vision is impaired due to discolouration then help is at hand. 

Untreated headlight before Duxback treatment Treated headlight after Duxback treatment
After Treatment

No polishing head, no sandpaper and no sweat. Just 10 minutes of your time and your headlights will be looking like new again.

Apply Duxback
For Clear Roads Ahead.

Duxback Headlight Restoration

Restore Your Headlights to New

Duxback Headlight Clean and Clear Restoration Kit

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